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Weight Loss Surgery for Diabetes

Recent studies indicate that bariatric surgery not only leads to permanent and significant weight loss, but it also improves and even leads to remission of many obesity-related medical problems including diabetes. Long-term remission, defined as normal blood glucose and off of diabetic medications, is achieved in obese diabetics undergoing bariatric surgery in 60 to 90 percent of cases depending primarily on the weight loss surgery procedure.

A recent meta-analysis of the medical literature including 621 studies and 135,246 patients showed a complete remission of diabetes in 78.1% of bariatric patients. The American Diabetes Association recommends and endorses bariatric surgery for diabetics with a BMI of at least 35.

For patients with type II diabetes, losing weight is an integral part of the treatment. Bariatric or metabolic surgery to treat obesity has been performed since the 1960s.

Cleveland Clinic info on Diabetes surgery/ NEJM reports on diabetes

The role of bariatric surgery in resolving diabetes has gained more and more attention. There are many studies revealing the excellent results laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery have on diabetes. Some studies show as many as 75% of diabetics can decrease or totally discontinue diabetic medications after weight loss surgery, resulting in a much healthier person.

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